About Us

McAnaw Construction’s Companies professional staff has been catering to clients and their commercial construction needs for the last 76 years with many specialized projects ranging from churches, public schools, colleges, universitys, libraries, offices, industrial, health care, manufacturing/process plants, roads and utilities (complete infrastructure), banks and adult day care facilities. McAnaw Construction’s professional staff strives for award-winning projects with total client satisfaction understanding that each project is not just a building, but a “monument” to stand the test of time.

McAnaw Construction Company works through each phase of the design & building process with the Architect, Owner and Sub-contractors providing detailed information for cost effective building solutions to ensure complete communication, safety, quality, on time delivery and in budget performance/cost control.

There are several advantages to selecting our firms' Negotiated or Construction Management services for your next project:

  • Knowing up front what Construction Company will be building your project and having the knowledge of knowing you will have qualified and experienced personnel building and managing your project.

  • Only legitimate, financially stable, proven, bondable Sub-Contractors will be allowed to bid on your project; ensuring the quality and all aspects of the construction project will be better.

  • We like to build a team relationship with our clients, architect and all parties involved for each project to form a tightly-knit group that serves to achieve budgeting, cost control and time scheduling goals in a cooperative manner.

  • McAnaw Construction has a proven track record for its timely completion of projects, satisfied clients, no liens and no litigation.

What We Can Do For You - Our Responsibilities as your General Contractor or Construction Manager:

  • Provide Pre-construction Services of preliminary budgets, drawing reviews, schedules, sub-contractor notifications, review materials, lead items, etc...

  • Hold in conjunction with Architects pre-bid conferences, notice to bid information, distribute plans and specifications, set bid dates and times, open and analyze bids and award sub-contracts.

  • Establish pre-construction conference.

  • Provide Project Manager, Project Superintendent and Secretarial Services.

  • Provide general condition items.

  • Hold bi-weekly job site meeting with Architect and Sub-Contractors and provide meeting minutes.

  • Enforce schedules and safety procedures.

  • Evaluate monthly pay request from Sub-Contractors.

  • Evaluate Change Order requests.

  • Review all submittals.

  • Maintain a set of as-built drawings.

  • Ensure the quality of materials and workmanship.

Project Management Tools:

Scheduling Software

  • Bar chart displaying work versus time.

  • Easily visualizes job progress, checks delivery of materials, the schedule of equipment, as well as labor and project advancement.

  • Tracks dates returned to Sub-Contractor or Supplier.

  • Vital for keeping on schedule and controlling cost.

Submittal Log

  • Line item assigned to each piece of material that requires shop drawings, project date and/or samples.

  • Tracks dates of approval.

  • Tracks dates that submittals are returned to Sub-Contractor or Supplier.

  • Used to coordinate and schedule delivery of equipment and materials.

  • Vital for keeping on schedule and controlling cost.

Request for Information Log

  • Tracks formal request for additional information.

  • Vital for timely responses and resolutions.

Team Approach

  • All parties involved forming a team that serves to achieve budgeting, cost control and time scheduling in a cooperative manner.

Cost Schedule Control Techniques:

Cost Control

  • Project Cost Control begins with the original cost estimate.

Schedule of Values

  • Line item for each activity to complete the project and its associated cost.

  • Weekly labor and equipment cost.

  • Monthly Sub-Contractor and Supplier pay applications.

  • All of the above pinpoint the cost status of the project.

Schedule Control Techniques

  • Coordinate the project schedule with Sub-Contractors.

Experience with Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Public Schools

  • Churches

  • Mutual Girls Club

  • Bartlesville Youth Canteen

  • Voice of the Martyrs


  • President & CEO- Mike McAnaw, studied Construction Management at Oklahoma State University and followed in his father’s footsteps with over 48 years experience in Commercial Construction, Commercial Construction/Project Management & Estimating; running this 2nd generation family business since 1988; business was established in 1948.
  • Vice President & Sr. Project Manager - Barry Collier, AIC, CPC, Bachelor of Science Degree in Design (Architectural/Interior) from Oklahoma State University - Over 38 years experience in Commercial Architecture & Interior Design, Commercial Construction/Project Management & Estimating.
  • Experienced Project Superintendents with Commercial Construction experience.
  • Experienced Project Foremen with Commercial Construction experience.